Having been an AIM UK market-focused investor for over 10 years now, I have witnessed many of the extremes that this journey can offer when investing in such shares.


I've learnt the hard way that no one piece of research is worth its salt if the facts it claims to be true cannot be thoroughly tested by the person reading it. If we don't take the time to prove what someone else says, then we only have ourselves to blame for the results, if it doesn't turn out to be true. The only person that we can truly trust to help us with our investment choices, is the person we see in the mirror each morning before we go to work.


In all the time I have invested in AIM, I have tried to ensure that what I share can be proven and those reading my words have the ability to come to their own conclusions.


This blog is a natural extension of that approach. A place where all my research, my logic and my findings, can be more easily stored and accessed by those that find it of interest.

To be clear, I am a full-time investor who is writing about the shares that I have an interest in and from which I make at least part of my living. This blog is designed to share my research only, in a manner that makes it accessible for both myself and my readers now and in the future.


I do not have all the answers. I am not a god, nor a guru, and I certainly am not to be a decision-maker for anyone else but myself. I am an investor who loves what they do and the research that comes with it.

So how's this going to work? Well if I have an idea or a piece of research that I want to get into, from now on it'll be produced and published here. Wherever possible it will be linked into other pieces that I produce, giving everyone that reads them, the chance to compare, overlap and consider the wider elements of the investment case.

I don't pretend to be an expert in anything but I do believe that we are all so much better prepared for this investing game when we pool what we know and invite feedback or comment. So I don't want to be any different on this blog. If something is wrong I want to hear about it and if something needs to be challenged, then please make me aware. We can all pretend that our version of the events is the correct one but facts don't lie and logic, in my view, generally wins through in the end.

Where this blog is heading I have no idea but the limitations of Twitter and other forums necessitates its existence. So all that is left is to say a big thank you for joining me and a hope that what you find here, truly helps in some shape or form because the world of investing particularly the AIM market, isn't easy and nor should it ever be.


Email me at: info@bbnbigbitenow.com